Why sustainable transport?

Have you ever wondered how the way you travel around your city or around the world affects the planet? The transport sector is one of the highest producers of greenhouse gas emissions and it is imperative that we reduce them in order to curb climate change.

The most urgent and necessary measures to reduce transport’s environmental impact are to increase its energy efficiency, reduce its activity and, of course, reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.

In order for transport to be sustainable, emission-free vehicles must be promoted, whether they are battery electric vehicles or green hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

In fact, it is said that green hydrogen is set to be the fuel of the future. This element can be used as a source of energy in a fuel cell that generates electricity through chemical reactions.

Today, there are already road vehicles that work with this technology but it needs to be developed a lot more so that it can become an indispensable aspect of sustainable mobility on a global scale.

We also rely on innovation so that in the future, automated mobility and intelligent traffic management systems will make transport more efficient and less polluting. 

Beyond what we can achieve tomorrow, we must urgently implement measures that can change the mobility model, today.

Transport is a crucial part of modern society, connecting communities and fostering development. However, the impact of the transport sector on the planet is huge, causing over 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions. It is therefore one of the main drivers of climate change while also having significant direct and indirect negative impacts on human health.

As populations and cities grow, the world’s transport networks will need to expand and modernize to meet demands. Sustainable transport can provide safe, accessible, efficient, and resilient mobility while minimizing carbon dioxide and other emissions. Despite these benefits, sustainable transport infrastructure is not being developed at the scale needed to adapt to ever-increasing climate impacts and to meet net-zero targets by 2050.

At Pamoja Road Safety Initiative we advocate and support all sustainable mobility measures to mitigate climate change.

Call For Community Champions

PRSI will partner with people who take action in their communities by highlighting and celebrating their work in our ‘Meet Our Champions’ shout out in our website.

We call upon Partners willing to support community activities by way of issuing certificates of recognition or sponsoring other forms of recognition to road safety champions. We are here to inspire action and help people be community champions for safe and healthy mobility. Work with family and friends to join or set up a campaign locally to improve your streets. We can all be part of the solution and we will work with anyone who shares our vision and values. Share your story so that others can get inspiration from it.

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