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Pamoja Road Safety Initiative was founded in the year,2009 by Lucas Munene Gachuru.Lucas is a road safety champion with over 10 years advocacy experience for safer roads in Kenya.Through the organization and in collaboration with other global partners he actively campaigned for the UN Decade of Action in 2010 which culminated in the First Decade of Action for road safety 2011-2020.

Lucas has steered Pamoja Road Safety Initiative to a globally respected NGO playing an active role to make roads safer in Kenya.  In February 2020, he attended the 3rd Ministerial Meeting for road safety in Stockholm, Sweden to draw the Global Road Safety agenda for the next 10 years to 2030.

Decade one (2010-2020) campaign

RS10 Project

Funded by Bloomberg Foundation, RS10 goal was to improve the safety of road users in 10 low and middle-income countries through modification and enforcement of road safety laws combined with social marketing and public relation activities. The focus of the project was in mitigating speeds around schools in Naivasha and Thika towns in Kenya. This was implemented through the use of graphic and comic journalism using localized messages forschool children and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) drivers. Lucas led the team to produce an illustrated booklet whose message was localized to capture the imagination of the target audience. The outcome was slower speed by Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) near six primary schools located in Naivasha and Thika.

RS10 Project Lakeview primary Naivasha
RS10 Project General Kago Primary thika
RS10 Project 2TS Sacco Thika
RS10 Project NNUS Sacco Naivasha

Booklet Publication

Pamoja Road Safety Initiative through Lucas Munene managed to publish two booklets for teaching road safety, “Look out and listen and Road Safety Teaching Manual for children’.

2013- Kuraiha primary school, Thika. Distributing road safety booklets: LOOK OUT AND LISTEN

Road Safety Manual

Road Safety Comic

Training And Conferences

Members of Pamoja Road Safety Initiative have participated in extensive road advocacy training programs, attending numerous workshops and conferences designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in promoting road safety. These training sessions have equipped them with the latest strategies and best practices for effective public engagement, policy advocacy, and community outreach. Through hands-on workshops, they have learned to design and implement impactful road safety campaigns, while conferences have provided them with valuable networking opportunities and insights from leading experts in the field.

Road Advocacy Training at FedEX Memphis USA
Road Advocacy Training at FedEX Memphis USA
February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Attending the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.
Road Safety Training in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Pamoja Road Safety Initiative has been at the forefront of promoting road safety through a series of well-structured trainings and workshops aimed at educating the public. These sessions are designed to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving practices, the adherence to traffic laws, and the benefits of using eco-friendly vehicles.

Advocacy Training Nairobi,Kenya
2018. NTSA Boardroom: Engaging on road safety with NTSA staff

Media-Print and Tv

Lucas discussing Road Safety at K24 Studios.

Lucas has  published two booklets for teaching road safety,‘Look Out and Listen’  and ‘Road Safety Teaching Manual for Children’.

Championing Road Safety Through Media

Lucas is a regular contributor in the local media focusing mainly on Road Safety. He has  given two TV interviews at Family and K24 TVs and done many presentations at local and international forums. His recent presentation was on 5th September 2018 at Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi at an event hosted by Cardno IT. The topic was: Boosting East Africa Trade by Improving Transport (BEAT IT). His presentation was on Managing Occupational Road Risk to beat it.

On 30th October 2014, Lucas presented on Perspectives on Road Safety from Kenya, at the 1 st Ministerial and experts’ conference on sustainable transport in Africa at the UN Complex in Nairobi.

Africa Sustainable Transport Forum

1st Ministerial and Experts Conference on Sustainable Report

Africa adopts Continent-wide Sustainable Transport Agenda


Global Fleet Champions Award

This is a global campaign coordinated by BRAKE charity, UK. The campaign aims to highlight the enormous contribution that commercial and public organizations around the world in any country, can make to tackle the carnage of death and injuries on the roads and poor air quality from road transport through sale and sustainable movement of people and goods.

Global Fleet Campaign, 2019

The choice of bus fleets was informed by the many large capacity buses killing passengers regularly. Lucas led PRSI team to successfully implement the project during the UN Road Safety week 2019. Easy Coach were awarded for demonstrating leadership in Fleet safety. The Kenya award to Easy Coach was the first one globally in the Global Fleet Champions Campaign .

Presenting the Global Fleet Champions award to Easy Coach MD Azym Dossa, May 2019.


Lucas awarded the AKI Road safety award,2011

Lucas was awarded the Association of Kenya Insurers road safety award 2011 and a Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) award in 2015 for PRSI project in Thika and Naivasha.


Lucas  has been a consistent and indefatigable champion for safer roads in Kenya since 2009.

Sweden and Decade Two Starts

February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Attending the 3 rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.
3rd Global Ministerial conference in Stockholm. Standing behind 3700 pieces of shoes representing the number of deaths on world roads every day

Call For Community Champions

PRSI will partner with people who take action in their communities by highlighting and celebrating their work in our ‘Meet Our Champions’ shout out in our website.

We call upon Partners willing to support community activities by way of issuing certificates of recognition or sponsoring other forms of recognition to road safety champions. We are here to inspire action and help people be community champions for safe and healthy mobility. Work with family and friends to join or set up a campaign locally to improve your streets. We can all be part of the solution and we will work with anyone who shares our vision and values. Share your story so that others can get inspiration from it.

Our Partners