Pamoja Road Safety Initiative

With Over 14 years of Experience In Keeping Our Roads Safe.

Because Everyone Has A Right To Safe And Healthy Mobility

We want a Kenya and world where everyone is free to move in a safe and healthy way, every day. We work to stop road deaths, injuries, and campaign for safe and healthy mobility for all.

About Us

What We Do

Creating Awareness On Road Safety

We conduct workshops, seminars, and public awareness campaigns to educate the community about the importance of road safety.

Campaigning For Safer Roads

Pamoja Road Safety lead extensive campaigns, both online and offline, to advocate for road safety measures and influence public policy for safer roads.

Engaging With NTSA Staff

By partnering with Road enforcement agencies, we help to further ensure traffic laws and regulations, ensuring that drivers adhere to safe driving standards.

Collaborating With Road Safety Champions

Pamoja Road Safety collaborates with other road safety champions by forming strategic partnerships,  sharing best practices, and coordinating joint initiatives to enhance road safety awareness.

Innovating Strategies Enhancing Road Safety

We continuously develop and implement new technologies and strategies, with the aim to enhance road safety and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

Preserving Environment Through Sustainable Mobility

We combat climate change by spreading awareness about the benefits of using eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric , hybrid cars, in  road safety programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Story

Our Journey

Pamoja Road Safety Initiative was founded in the year,2009 by Lucas Munene Gachuru.Lucas  is a road safety champion with over 14 years advocacy experience for safer roads in Kenya.Through the organization and in collaboration with other global partners he actively campaigned for the UN Decade of Action in 2010 which culminated in the First Decade of Action for road safety 2011-2020.Pamoja Road Safety has conducted projects,trainings,campaigns in regard to promoting Road Safety in the world.

Team Members

Meet Our Champions


Lucas Munene

Team Leader


Mijide Kemoli

Road Safety Champion


Purity Mwaniki

Road Safety Champion

Call For Community Champions

Road Safety Training in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
PRSI will partner with people who take action in their communities by highlighting and celebrating their work in our ‘Meet Our Champions’ shout out in our website. We call upon Partners willing to support community activities by way of issuing certificates of recognition or sponsoring other forms of recognition to road safety champions. We are here to inspire action and help people be community champions for safe and healthy mobility. Work with family and friends to join or set up a campaign locally to improve your streets. We can all be part of the solution and we will work with anyone who shares our vision and values. Share your story so that others can get inspiration from it.

Our Partners